RE: [asa] Is Science an enemy of faith?

From: Jon Tandy <>
Date: Sun Jan 04 2009 - 21:55:14 EST

He is a good guy and a friend, and had some good things to say. On the
subject of science, he didn't necessarily require a young-earth point of
view, and he made a typical statement at one point about "macro-evolution"
being the enemy, not micro-evolution. I didn't really get to (or choose to)
counteract some of his erroneous statements as I might have liked to. I
wanted to ask, "So was there no abortion, murder, genocide, pornography,
prostitution, etc. before Charles Darwin? If evolution is the root of all
these societal evils, as Ken Ham says, how can we account for them before
Darwin? And if there was another source of evil before Darwin, why is there
suddenly a different cause afterward?"


This is really the first opportunity for me to have some public dialog on
this among my church friends. I'm hoping after this to provide some online
resources, and hopefully have some continued influence on these subjects.


Jon Tandy


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Hi Jon,


Your presentation sounds very interesting and good. The seminar idea, to
help prepare youth for the challenges to faith as they head to college, is
also an excellent idea. What is disconcerting is the speaker before you,
the one who repeated "the Answers in Genesis line, essentially that
evolution is the root of all modern moral evils, and it has to be confronted
at all costs." That type of message does not prepare Christian youth for
college - it sets them up for failure and disappointment. I'm glad you were
there to balance that message.



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