Re: [asa] Doug Groothuis v. William Dembski

From: David Clounch <>
Date: Sat Jan 03 2009 - 12:43:27 EST

John said:

> "I think the contribution that Thaxton, Behe, Dembski etc have made has
> been invaluable to church, but it was a mistake to let it get politicized by
> YECs. Possibly that extra publicity just spread the word more. It is a good
> thing that the church has come to learn of all the complexity and order in
> life that defy atheism."

I have often said that IDT is analogous to a horse drawn wagon that is mired
in the mud. And along come a bunch of YEC's who enthusiastically jump on the
wagon and sink it. It surely didn't need that.

It isn't clear to me why someone who is trying to push the wagon out of the
mud gets conflated with those weighing down the wagon. This conflation
seems to come from those standing around the swamp who don't want the wagon
to get free. They are laughing at the one's loading down the wagon. But they
are also throwing rocks and mud at the one's trying to push the wagon

None of this hubbub has anything to do with whether the cargo in the wagon
actually has any value. The value of the cargo is not a function of the
crowd or the motivations of the crowd. What various actors in the crowd
"hope for" is irrelevant. Surely Isaac Newton "hoped for" the development
of calculus. But is that relevant to whether calculus is a valid field of

On the second matter:
I do not believe that complexity and order in life defies atheism.

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