Re: [asa] The ASA and the Soft Sciences (ASA focus for the future)

From: Preston Garrison <>
Date: Sat Jan 03 2009 - 10:59:53 EST

>Preston, I think you're partly right and partly wrong. Obviously,
>integrating evolutionary science is an issue for all educated
>Christians, and the ASA properly has a role here. I wonder, though,
>if the assumption that the West will eventually deal with this most
>effectively is correct. Maybe some of our brothers and sisters from
>parts of the world that aren't so influenced by rationalism will
>some day offer some solutions that we will need to integrate.
>When we talk about "crisis," I always feel that we're ignoring
>history as well as theology. The Church has always faced major
>challenges. Responses always come, but they often take centuries of
>struggle. God is in control of His Church, against which the gates
>of Hell will not prevail. This doesn't absolve us of
>responsibility, of course, but I think it allows us to exercise our
>responsibilities with some humility and perspective.
>David W. Opderbeck
>Associate Professor of Law
>Seton Hall University Law School
>Gibbons Institute of Law, Science & Technology

I completely agree with both parts of what you say. I didn't mean to
imply that Western Christians will solve these things for the rest of
the church. The church is like a bunch of dogs whose Master has
thrown them some mastadon thigh bones to chew on. Initially the
younger dogs who haven't seen big bones before will watch the older
dogs to see how they deal with it. But before long the young ones
will have figured out new and better ways to get at the job. In the
process there will be a lot of unnecessary barking and shoving each
other around.

But the Master wouldn't have given us these big bones if He hadn't
given us what's necessary to deal with them, and He will be subtly
pointing out how we should proceed. And you are right that there is
no crisis. The Master is not disturbed by any of this. He threw the
bones to us. We may be smelly and bad mannered and not very bright,
but He loves us anyway and will enjoy watching us deal with the
problem and helping us along the way. Maybe thinking of ourselves as
a bunch of rowdy mutts who are nonetheless greatly loved will help
with the humility part.

(Are metaphors allowed on this list? I love science, but I also have
come to love poetry and metaphors and (Heaven help me) puns. Folks
can let me know if I am annoying them with this - but be gentle or I
might growl at you.

Preston G.

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