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From: Randy Isaac <>
Date: Fri Jan 02 2009 - 21:44:54 EST

I would suggest that seeing such "design in action" is in the same category as our seeing a "creator in action" in all that exists and every law of nature around us. So it doesn't mesh at all with "the general ID mode of thought" but meshes very well with the Christian doctrine of creation.

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  Heya Randy,

  Sure, that's what Trewavas sees and highlights. But someone else looking at the situation would see intelligence suffused throughout living systems (and possibly in non-living, though that's not an area even commented on here) as yet more evidence of design in action - living systems that have 'their own intelligence' would immediately be akin to computers and programs, the results or tools of an external agency employing life towards a goal. Regarding life as intelligent in the broad sense of the term (rather than unintelligent/purposeless) seems to mesh easily with the general ID mode of thought.

  Granted, it's not knock-down scientific proof of external agency - I don't believe such a thing is possible in principle, personally. But it certainly meshes well with the general ID concept as I see it, as-is.

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