RE: [asa] The ASA and the Soft Sciences (ASA focus for the future)

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Date: Thu Jan 01 2009 - 14:09:53 EST

One of the problems with economics is that no one cares about it until there is a crisis or meltdown. I also don't see how religion plays a part in the economy- does an atheist, Mormon, Baptist, or Catholic have any faith-based issues or distinctives?

In addition, Christianity is in a crisis right now, over the issue of evolution and how to deal with it (is it atheist and ungodly, or God's way of design?). I'd suggest that the ASA put more effort into resolving this conflict for the churches and scientists. It is easy and tempting to avoid the conflict, but I think this conflict is what gives the ASA its prime directive. Some people are on the forefront of this evolution battle, like Denis Lamoureux and Francis Collins... and they are persecuted by the church for it. Will the ASA help and offer discernment? I know the ASA has done a lot- just saying it should be a prime focus and even more focused. I'd love to see some ASA sponsored debates over YEC, OEC, TE, etc. Has the ASA done this yet? If not, that's my suggestion.


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The Washington Post just did a massive three-part series on what happened with AIG. I found it very fascinating. Since this is off topic please direct all comments off list. The issue of economics does bring to mind a comment Randy made in the Jan/Feb newsletter:

We have few economists in the ASA, and we have no particular expertise or mission to critique economic policy.

What are we doing to attract people in the so-called "soft sciences" into the ASA? Many areas of interest of the ASA does intersect economics and sociology and in my opinion we should do better here.

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