RE: [asa] promise trumps biology (multiverses)

From: gordon brown <Gordon.Brown@Colorado.EDU>
Date: Wed Dec 31 2008 - 22:05:58 EST

Others (e.g. physicists & astronomers) on this list know a lot more about
this subject than I do, and so they can correct me if my knowledge of
cosmic inflation theory is faulty, in which case what I ask in the last
paragraph of this message is irrelevant.

I have heard that some version of cosmic inflation theory predicts that
the universe is flat (i.e. Euclidean), has flatness parameter equal to 1,
is expanding at precisely the minimum possible rate to prevent the
expansion from eventually stopping, and is not rotating. These properties
are probably not all independent of one another.

Now the question: Must the flatness parameter be 1 for any possible viable
universe? If so, it would raise questions about special properties of the
putative multiverse. If not, then there is a range of possible values,
and, since 1 just does not look like a number selected at random, it seems
extremely strange that it is the value that we have, and it would not be
characterized as mediocre.

Gordon Brown (ASA member)

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