Re: [asa] The Death of "Darwinism"

From: George Cooper <>
Date: Wed Dec 31 2008 - 14:06:43 EST

Yes, especially since neither Darwin nor Heisenberg were Greek. *wink*  Perhaps if "Social Darwinsim" wasn't so pejorative, Darwinism would be mentioned more often, but it seems a bit superfluous since it is so basic to evolutionary work.   Further, Darwin's attempt to provide a mechanism for his ideas is one big reason that prevented his acceptance in the 19th century.  [Also came Lord Kelvin -- the "odius spectre", as Darwin called him -- who demonstrated an Earth too young for Darwin.] [Speaking of pejorative words, I wonder how the word "eugenics" is doing these days?] Coope ________________________________ From: George Murphy <> To: ASA list <> Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2008 10:17:07 AM Subject: [asa] The Death of "Darwinism" Sounds like something from ICR's "Acts and Fairy Tales" doesn't it?  But I mean something rather different, as you will have realized if noticed the quotes in my subject line.  I've just started reading Denis Lamoureux's Evolutionary Creation, & one of the points he makes near the beginning (p.9) about terminology is significant.  Denis had a word search done of several categories of scientific journals, comparing the incidence of the word "Darwinism" with that of "evolution" in titles, abstracts and key words of articles in a 10 year period starting in 1997.  The ratio Darwinism/evolution was ..0012 for all important scientific journals, .0013 for the biological sciences and .0002 (1 occurence of Darwinism!) for journals concentrating on biological evolution.   The point of this is that "Darwinism" is not a term scientists use in discussing current scientific work &, as Denis argues, should be limited to discussions of the views of Darwin himself.  Of course this should be no surprise to those who realize that scientists never refer to "Heisenbergism" instead of quantum mechanics, but since "Darwinism" gets tossed around so much, usually in a pejorative sense, it's a point well worth making.       Shalom George

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