[asa] Re: FW: Urgent Prayer request for Hugh Ross & family

From: John Walley <john_walley@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon Dec 29 2008 - 17:12:58 EST

Please pray for our brother in Christ and fellow apologist Hugh Ross and his family...



> >From Mark Perez, Los Angeles,
> Hugh Ross's son Joel was critically injured in a knife
> attack last night.
> Joel's friend was killed in the same attack. Although
> Joel has survived the
> first 24 hour critical period, your prayers for him -- as
> well as for the
> Ross family -- are obviously still needed. Joel suffered
> stab wounds to the
> chest and back, suffering organ damage, splintered ribs,
> and tremendous
> blood loss.
> Based on an account Hugh gave this morning in Paradoxes
> class, the following
> is a preliminary summary: Joel attended a birthday party
> for a friend, a
> group of thugs awaited them outside after being asked to
> leave by the
> proprietor, and when Joel and his friend left, they were
> attacked when
> trying to persuade the thugs not to attack the birthday
> celebrant. The
> attackers left when they saw someone calling 9-1-1.
> Attackers were seen by
> many witnesses, one of the weapons was recovered by police
> at the scene, and
> the suspects remain outstanding as of 1100 today.
> The emotional toll on Hugh and family is immense, as it is
> the for the
> parents of the young man who was killed. The decedent is
> the son of a
> pastor from a church in Murrieta, California. He is
> survived by a younger
> brother who has taken this loss quite hard.
> I do not know what official info will come out from RTB,
> but the information
> here is not private insofar as it was presented by Hugh in
> an open Sunday
> School class this morning. Nevertheless it should be
> disseminated
> judiciously.
> This will be emotionally and financially heavy on the
> Ross's. Please pray
> and ask others to do the same
> Mark Perez
> --
> Ken Hultgren
> Director of Outreach
> Reasons To Believe
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