RE: [asa] Saving Christianity WAS Appeasing TE?

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Date: Sat Dec 27 2008 - 00:31:30 EST

Excellent point (...that even true or good science should not be made into an
extension of a Christian belief system). I am still processing (probably for
life) what it means to pursue truth of every kind as a Christian, and how that
fits into a relationship with God.

And while acknowledging John's disclaimer about using the phrase "saving
Christianity" and recognizing he didn't mean that literally --I was about to
express the same concern of the common usage of such phrases until David O. beat
me to it --thanks, David. That's always bugged me as well --sort of an
intellectual inconsistency that violates definitions like speaking of humans
"inventing God" or needing to "save God" (or for that matter: "saving the
planet" when what we really mean is some sort of preservation of a natural
order that will be keep things sustainable for future healthy human society.)


Quoting Jon Tandy <>:

> Merv wrote:
> "Because those things aren't true. If someone wants to believe something
> scientifically wacky, but is also a Christian --I have no beef with that.
> But if they want to start saying that their wacky belief is an extension of
> Christianity, then we should have a beef with that."
> I was going to agree with you (in fact I do agree), but then I realized we
> need to take it further. It's not just making wacky beliefs an extension of
> Christianity that is a heresy. Even making good science an extension of
> Christianity would be just about as heretical. The consequences of doing so
> are not only "adding to" the gospel things that were never intended, but
> also it becomes a matter of judgment - those who don't accept these
> (scientific) "Christian fundamentals" aren't fully Christian, whether in the
> 1st century or now.
> My belief is that we need to hold to all truth, so therefore good science
> (if it's truth about God's creation) is something to seek and promote and
> accept. But that's different from linking it too closely with
> "Christianity" as a belief system.
> Jon Tandy
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