RE: [asa] Saving Christianity WAS Appeasing TE?

From: Jon Tandy <>
Date: Thu Dec 25 2008 - 09:06:22 EST

Merv wrote:

"Because those things aren't true. If someone wants to believe something
scientifically wacky, but is also a Christian --I have no beef with that.
But if they want to start saying that their wacky belief is an extension of
Christianity, then we should have a beef with that."

I was going to agree with you (in fact I do agree), but then I realized we
need to take it further. It's not just making wacky beliefs an extension of
Christianity that is a heresy. Even making good science an extension of
Christianity would be just about as heretical. The consequences of doing so
are not only "adding to" the gospel things that were never intended, but
also it becomes a matter of judgment - those who don't accept these
(scientific) "Christian fundamentals" aren't fully Christian, whether in the
1st century or now.

My belief is that we need to hold to all truth, so therefore good science
(if it's truth about God's creation) is something to seek and promote and
accept. But that's different from linking it too closely with
"Christianity" as a belief system.

Jon Tandy

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