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There is a lot to be found out at sea where the sea rose so dramatically 5000-6000 years ago. However this cannot be Noah's flood.

Perhaps there was a worldwide flood which gave rise to Noah's flood and many other flood stories throughout the world. But worldwide maybe but it did not cover the whole world.

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  Sure, it's not the flood that gave rise to the Gilgamesh and Biblical stories. But it does show that there's lots of interesting stuff still buried out there.

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    By now we should be able to recognize these attempts to link any flooding in the Near East to Noah's flood, including the flooding of the Black Sea, as brazen attempts to get publicity (and funding) for their archaeological endeavors. In this case it worked as witnessed by the article's title: "A New Possibility for the Biblical Flood of Noah." Had the article been titled: "Rising Ocean Covers Neolithic Villages Near Carmel," who'd care?

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