Re: [asa] God Or Science? A Belief In One Weakens Positive Feelings For The Other

From: George Cooper <>
Date: Sun Dec 21 2008 - 14:12:35 EST

The subliminal element of the test is interesting, but neither it nor the conclusion surprises me.  We are social creatures and we react differently in different environments, especially social ones, IMO.   Article stated: What is really intriguing is that the larger effect happens on the opposite belief," she said. "When God isn't being used to explain much, people have a positive attitude toward science. But when God is being used to account for many events – especially the things that they list, which are life, the universe, free will, these big questions – then somehow science loses its value."   Duh.  Why wouldn't science loose value when it is asked questions that go beyond its purview?     Article stated: "On the other hand, people may have a generally positive view of science until it fails to explain the important questions. Then belief in God may be boosted to fill in the gap," she said.   Double duh.  When has this not been the case for humanity?   However, some scientists will point out that the belief in God is in recession over this very point because science now explains more and more.  One example cited is how Newton could explain the orbits of the planets with his theory, so God no longer had to be seen as someone who had to control those wandering stars.  Yet, Newton saw that these orbits were limited in stability so he suggested it required God's occasional intervention to make the necessary corrections (sound biologically familiar?).  It wasn't long that the perturbation theory emerged and solved this instability issue.  Thus, God was seen to be further removed from involvement.  Throw multiverses into the mix, and He is way, way, away from here.  Yet, they fail to consider He still knows the number of hairs on their heads.  Coope       ________________________________ From: Jon Tandy <> To: Sent: Sunday, December 21, 2008 7:13:00 AM Subject: [asa] God Or Science? A Belief In One Weakens Positive Feelings For The Other I'm sure some of you have seen this article.  I'm wondering about the validity of the experimental methods used, and how well they can justify the conclusions drawn.  If there is such a fundamental disconnect between people's acceptance of God or science as explanatory powers, perhaps this is one reason why Theistic Evolution is a difficult sell for many people.     Jon Tandy

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