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FYI.. This is an update from an org in the UK with a good DVD resource coming out soon that we discussed on this list earlier.



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> Subject: Faraday Institute: church science-faith resource project
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> Date: Saturday, December 20, 2008, 1:31 PM
> It has been a busy few months for the Faraday Institute
> Church Resources Project. In September and October we wrote
> the six-part course that will accompany the ‘Test of
> Faith’ documentary on science and Christianity, and sent
> it out to twenty groups for trial. We are now receiving the
> feedback.
> It is so encouraging to hear about the impact the materials
> have already had on the groups that have used them.
> ‘Before and after’ questionnaire entries show that
> people are really learning to relate science and faith in a
> helpful way. The documentary is clearly hitting home, and
> people are appreciating the opportunity to discuss the
> issues in more depth, and at a level that is accessible to
> non-scientists.
> We have also completed the book, ‘Test of Faith:
> Spiritual Journeys with Scientists’. This short collection
> of edited interviews tells the story of ten of the
> scientists featured in the documentary in more depth, and
> allows the reader to see how faith and science can work
> together in practice.
> In January we will put the finishing touches to the course,
> and from February onwards we will enter a phase of
> developing content for the website, youth and schools
> courses, and promotion of the DVD, course and book.
> The materials should be available in the UK and the rest of
> Europe towards summer 2009. Watch this space for a date of
> the US launch.
> Spreading the word
> If you know of others who might be interested in the
> project, they can sign up to this mailing list on the Test
> of Faith website.
> If you know of any organisations that would be interested
> in the course, please do put them in touch with us. We are
> able to arrange for a preview of the course and documentary.
> Translations
> We are planning on translating subtitles into several
> languages for the documentary. If you are interested in
> helping with translation or distribution of a foreign
> language version, please let us know.
> Regards,
> Ruth
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