Re: (post?) [asa] promise trumps biology (accepting biological evolution for Adam)

From: John Burgeson (ASA member) <>
Date: Sat Dec 20 2008 - 09:47:23 EST

On 12/19/08, Paula Koenigsmark <> wrote:
> John,
> I respect that answer. The first thing that came to my mind was all the
> other God-loving monotheists in the world, namely those of Jewish and
> Islamic faith. How presumptuous it would be of Christians to assume we
> "know" their fate is not heaven.
> Incidentally, I am in the midst of studying middle eastern culture. I can
> state, as a fact, that the Qur'an stipulates that there will be people from
> both the Jewish and Christian faiths who will be in paradise. So a muslim
> who adheres to the words of the Qur'an would not assume, based on faith
> alone, that a nonmuslim will not be in paradise after death.Bt the way, I am
> not posting to you privately for any other reason, other than the fact that
> Randy and Terry are still trying to figure out why my posting attempts to
> the thread are failing. Therefore, if you think my response to you is
> interesting enought for the thread, go ahead and post it for me (Like George
> Murphy did, not so long ago). :~)Sincerely,
> Paula W. Koenigsmarkasa member>

Happy to do so. Seasons greetings.

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