Re: [asa] Appeasing TE?

From: Nucacids <>
Date: Fri Dec 19 2008 - 20:02:59 EST

Re: [asa] Appeasing TE?Hi dennis,


"It really does seem that atheists and YECers are made for each other, doesn't it?"


Over at the comments section of Larnder's blog entry, we read the following from Anonymous:


"In my opinion, evolution IS inherently atheistic, and a compelling reason for becoming an atheist. If someone is a theist and claims to accept the scientific theory of evolution, something is wrong. It is a matter of logic, not diplomacy. Nobody can be a conservative and accept the "theory" of communism, nobody can eat meat and accept the arguments behind vegetarianism. Theistic evolution is like a round square.

Incidentally, I think some people who call themselves theistic evolutionists are in fact deistic evolutionists. They may think that because they believe in a "God", no matter how uninvolved in the world, they should refer to themselves as theists. No folks, that's DEISM, which I think IS compatible with evolution. A THEIST believes that God sometimes or oftentimes intervenes in the world, in more or less subtle ways. THAT is incompatible with evolution as I understand it.

BTW, I think many creationists are in a sense MORE rational than theistic evolutionists, in that they see clearly that if they didn't reject evolution, they would have to drop theism in order to retain a coherent worldview."


Don't get distracted by the arguments for now. Instead, step back and take in the fact that this person could just as easily be a YEC as a New Atheist. This argument is common in both camps. I would guess the person is an atheist, but it would be a very tentative guess.


- Mike

  It really does seem that atheists and YECers are made for each other, doesn't it? Both certain of their own position, both certain their take on Scripture is correct, and both needing an opponent as a foil.

  It's a match made in...


  On 19/12/08 1:50 PM, "Michael Roberts" <> wrote:

    Boomeranging from one fundamentalism into another? A good point. The fact is that both build up a brick wall of absolute certainty around themselves. One crack and it has gone.
    There are various causes and I would put an extreme form of inerrancy near the top, as once we can admit that the Gospel narratives don't quite agree we have either to go for Lindsell's six denials of Jesus or dismiss the Gospels and the rest of the bible as totally errant.
    Thus in a case like Bernie we may wonder that if you persuade someone that the earth is a trifle older than 6012 years then their whole edifice of faith will collapse.
    Conversely the so-called TE views seem weak as they have no brick walls and the tide goes in and out, which to some seems fatal.
    A YEC position has to be fought tooth and nail as there is perceived to be no stopping place before atheism

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