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Re: [asa] Appeasing TE?Not only are they both certain that their take on
scripture is correct, they also interpret it the same way - a literal
6/24-day creation event some 6000 years ago, followed by a global flood.

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  It really does seem that atheists and YECers are made for each other,
doesn’t it? Both certain of their own position, both certain their take on
Scripture is correct, and both needing an opponent as a foil.

  It’s a match made in...


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    Boomeranging from one fundamentalism into another? A good point. The
fact is that both build up a brick wall of absolute certainty around
themselves. One crack and it has gone.

    There are various causes and I would put an extreme form of inerrancy
near the top, as once we can admit that the Gospel narratives don't quite
agree we have either to go for Lindsell's six denials of Jesus or dismiss
the Gospels and the rest of the bible as totally errant.

    Thus in a case like Bernie we may wonder that if you persuade someone
that the earth is a trifle older than 6012 years then their whole edifice of
faith will collapse.

    Conversely the so-called TE views seem weak as they have no brick walls
and the tide goes in and out, which to some seems fatal.

    A YEC position has to be fought tooth and nail as there is perceived to
be no stopping place before atheism


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      As for Brian Larnder’s essay, I always become suspicious when someone
self-promotes as a member of the “reality based community,” trying to get
others to think as they do, something labeled as the “reality-based view of
life.” From my own extensive interaction with the “reality based
community,” I have found very little evidence that they are better than
others when it comes to critical thinking, confirmation bias,
disconfirmation bias, and intellectual honesty.

      More interesting is the perception of progress: from YEC to TE to
atheism. Yet from what I have observed over the years, the trace is not
linear, but more like the path of a boomerang. You begin with religious
fundamentalism, enter a period of doubt, and return to secular


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          Here's a link to a blogpost with interesting commentary (from a
variety of positions) related to an issue that George and I discussed here
recently. I suggested that TEs are treated more softly than YECs or IDists,
while George pointed out that TEs are also opposed by atheists such as
Dawkins, Dennett and Harris. This blogpost in a way seems to agree with
both of our positions. The link to Larry Moran's article on "TE: The
Fallacy of the Middle Ground" may also provide some interesting responses.



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