Re: (post?) [asa] promise trumps biology (accepting biological evolution for Adam)

From: David Bowman <>
Date: Fri Dec 19 2008 - 12:31:52 EST

Regarding Bernie's response to George:
> George said:
> "(Some may ask, if it's risky to try to convince them about
> evolution, age of the earth &c, why try? Why not let them
> remain in ignorance about those matters? Because congregations
> of such Christians produce
> a) more ignorant people, including the toxic variety in
> category 1, as well as
> b) young people who are brought up with YEC views but
> eventually learn the truth & as a result abandon the Christian
> faith altogether.)"
> My concern- you hit the nail right on the head. I see your
> Case A and Case B so clearly. I still attend a YEC friendly
> church, so that may be what bothers me so, which means cases a
> and b are always front and center. Maybe if I was in an
> evolution-accepting denomination, I could chill-out... but that
> doesn't sound like a good thing... I like "seeing the need" to
> help drive me to see the importance of this ministry... the
> ministry of getting people out of camp a and trying to avoid
> camp b. Also, I think the older generation can be comfortable
> in denying/ignoring evolution because they aren't in the
> community that is faced with it almost daily- unlike high-school
> and college students today which can face it almost daily.
> These YEC churches work so hard to convert children- then likely
> loose them as they go to college or take any high-school college
> classes.
> ...Bernie
Bernie brings up a point that suggests a possible Darwinin
mechanism may be at work in matters of evangelism and
discipleship. Fundamentalist denominations typically tend to have
the strongest emphasis on evangelism to the uneducated classes
compared to some other more moderate denominations. They also
tend to have a very high attrition rate of people leaving their
fold after they become more educated. It seems that the evangelism
emphasis is a necessary defense strategy against extinction. They
simply *need* to convert a large number of new people to replace
their losses to avoid extinction.
Dave Bowman

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