Re: [asa] Appeasing TE?

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Fri Dec 19 2008 - 10:26:58 EST

Quoting from Moran's site, as follows:

"In my version, theistic evolution ain't science. Admittedly, it is closer
to the dividing line than the explanations of Young Earth Creationists but
"close" isn't good enough. Theistic evolution is still in the "Non-Science"
half of the diagram. There is no middle ground."

Ted replies to Moran -- and, if someone wants to take time to put my
comment onto his site somewhere, go right ahead with my full blessing. I
have better things to do with finals week going on.

I entirely agree with Moran that TE isn't science--any more than Dawkins'
scientific atheism is science, or creation "science" is science. TE is a
religious interpretation of the whole of our experience with God and nature,
one the presumes/concludes the validity of both parts, whereas Dawkins
assumes/concludes the invalidity of the God part. Neither of those
assumptions/conclusions is scientific. Neither.

If you take Moran's analysis as a starting point -- according to which
"there is no middle ground" between science and non-science, then Moran's
own analysis itself lies on the "non-science" side of the wall. Just as the
actual science that Collins, Miller, and other TEs engage in, like the
actual science that Dawkins and Moran do, lies on the science side. In
other words, Moran is unable to see the religion in his own denial of
religion. Likewise for Dawkins. This is just a shell game, and if Moran
gets to move the shells we know how it will come out.


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