Re: [asa] Appeasing TE?

From: George Murphy <>
Date: Fri Dec 19 2008 - 08:33:31 EST

Gregory -

Thanks for the links. Moran's piece is interesting but perhaps the following imaginary scenario is an appropriate response.

Two people with Ph.D.s in evolutionary biology, A & B, have been working together for a year on a problem related to evolution. They've been making careful measurements on certain fossils, doing literature searches for data on appropriate genetic information, discussing various theoretical approaches to the problem, &c & are now at the point of writing what they think will be an important research paper. Time is short because they're afraid that some scientists at another institution may be close to a solution to the same problem. So one Saturday evening the following exchange takes place.

A) I'm really wiped out but we've got to get this draft finished. How about let's get back together here early tomorrow morning - say 7 a.m?

B) That's not going to work for me. Our Easter sunrise service begins at 6:30.

A) What? You go to church?

B) Sure. I'm a Christian.

A) Wait a minute! You believe in God? You're a theist?

B) That's right.

A) Then you're not really a scientist at all! Youre a theistic evolutionist!

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        Here's a link to a blogpost with interesting commentary (from a variety of positions) related to an issue that George and I discussed here recently. I suggested that TEs are treated more softly than YECs or IDists, while George pointed out that TEs are also opposed by atheists such as Dawkins, Dennett and Harris. This blogpost in a way seems to agree with both of our positions. The link to Larry Moran's article on "TE: The Fallacy of the Middle Ground" may also provide some interesting responses.

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