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Russia...isn't that somewhere on the other side of the velvet, purple curtain, the one that divides the world into North and South, East and West?
Yes, I know about it. Bruce Chapman is involved and has travelled to Russia. He writes occasionally on the

But they are not focussed on the 'science, philosophy and religion' discourse. It is mainly about business and politics. Trying to show an 'accurate' portrayal of life in today's Russia, rather than one filtered through the eyes of western journalists who have never lived there/here. The RRP leader is a young Russian businessman living in Seattle, a composer, adopted big brother. This brochure caught the American media's attention at the time, though it is somewhat outdated now as Dmitri Medvyedev is now President, rather than Prime Minister Putin:
Lysenko - wasn't he a left-winger on the Red Army hockey team? ;)
Cheers Michael,
p.s. btw, did any of you know that the Russian Patriarch Alexey II passed away recently? The next Patriarch could be a significant figure for the meaning of 'ecumenism' in global Christianity...
"He [Alexey II] was instrumental in fostering the enormous growth of dioceses, parishes, monasteries and educational institutions which have given new life to a Church sorely tested for so long. I recall my many meetings with His Holiness, who always made a point of expressing his goodwill towards the Holy Father and his desire to strengthen collaboration with the Catholic Church. His personal commitment to improving relations with the Catholic Church, in spite of the difficulties and tensions which from time to time have emerged, has never been in doubt. We join the hierarchy and faithful of the Russian Orthodox Church in commending Patriarch Alexis to our heavenly Father's eternal love, that he may be rewarded for his long and dedicated ministry to the Church he loved." - RC Cardinal Walter Kasper
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Does anyone know anything about the Discovery Institute's Real Russia Project?
Bruce Chapman is involved?
Do they like Lysenko?
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