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From: John Burgeson (ASA member) <>
Date: Thu Dec 18 2008 - 10:40:57 EST

Phil wrote:
"But I'm not sure the distinction of "tweaking" (versus "not
tweaking") and "front-loading" (versus "not front-loading") gets to
the real heart of the issue, either.

The use of the word "tweaking" strikes me as (somewhat) pejorative,
indicating the writer holds the opinion that such is unworthy of God.

But what if it is not? What if God is simply playing with his
creation? I have often thought that"playing with" the creation is a
not unworthy idea. My God is a God of laughter and play, as well as
other attributes.

As a budding young physicist I used to "play" with my experimental
apparatus. Sometimes to assure more accurate results -- sometimes just
to see what would happen if ... ."Both I would claim were "creation"

Those who claim that God is "all knowing" of course will likely reject
this concept. Those of us who don't hold to this claim are more
accepting of it.

The analogy I can cite is the simulation of a baseball season, which
do from time to time using Diamond Mind Baseball. I set up a season --
when I "play" it it always comes out, within observable limits, is a
new way. I think this analogy accurately describes God's activities
also. His foreknowledge no doubt laeds him to expect that one day the
Cubs will win the World Series. But I think He does not know exactly
when that will be.

BTW -- great news for baseball fans. On 1/1/2009, at 6:00 PM Eastern
time, the long awaited "MLB Channel" opens for business. Channel 108
in Houston. Baeball 24/7!

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