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Adrian Desmond's book "Huxley" gives a very readable account of the way the Church of England was "interwoven" with politics, education, and professional issues of the day.? If Desmond is even partly correct, the direct influence of the church was on a scale that would astound most of us in the U.S.? Huxley seemed more intent of getting the church out of dictating to science (as a profession), than to actually attacking Christianity per se.? Even after the Huxley-Wilberforce debate, those two men worked closely and amiably on various scientific society committees.? Class, polities, and religion seem to have been very closely intertwined at that time.

If I remember correctly, Jim Moore read early versions of Desmond's book, so he should have kept A.D. fairly well informed on church related issues.

Ted or Michael -- care to comment?? Am I giving Desmond too much benefit-of-the-doubt ?

Karl V. Evans

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I seem to remember reading about T.H.Huxley and his "need" to drive a wedge
between science and religion. But now I can't remember if I encountered that on
this list or elsewhere --let alone who was elaborating on that. Ted, if it was
you, I don't need you to repeat (unless you want to) anything you've already
posted recently. But do you have any good books you could recommend that would
shed light on Huxley and the state of science and religion at his time --from
the perspective of an author who is willing to critique the old (or new?)
warfare model?


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