Re: [asa] Occult crankery and the vitality of our email list

From: Michael McCray <>
Date: Mon Dec 15 2008 - 14:39:28 EST

I'm sorry if this is a repeat but...


I am not trawling for members to join a cult nor do I wish the list to
devolve to a discussion of the merits and demerits of a certain book. If you
google Urantia I'm sure you will find many entries there that criticize the
Urantia Book but we are all aware of the criticism Richard Dawkins has for
religion and we do not let that affect the fact that we are religious.

The work done by the list is so earnest and the aims of the ASA so important
I thought you might be helped with some of the difficulties in this work by
a book that has helped me with some of the same difficulties. Not to do so
would be a disservice to you all.

As a Christian, one that believes that Jesus is the Son of Man and the Son
of God, that the Universal Father is the spiritual father of all men and
women and that we are all brothers and sisters in spirit, as one who has
been born of the spirit and continues to progress in the spirit, I can only
make you aware of the book and urge you to read it. It is only then that you
will be able to judge it by its fruits. If it proclaims the truth of the
spirit, then the spirit will witness in your hearts that the message is

Michael McCray

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