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From: gordon brown <Gordon.Brown@Colorado.EDU>
Date: Mon Dec 15 2008 - 13:21:08 EST

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> Dick,
> Thanks for this poignant and thoughtful observation. That really puts this holiday season in perspective by reminding me just how much I have to be thankful for and how valuable the true meaning of Christmas really is.
> It is true that the world has rejected what they need most but in part it is because we have forced them to by allowing the YEC mafia to take over the evangelical church and drive this wedge into them between science and faith. The assurance of evolution being true and creationism being false is the only hope that most of these in the world with any educaton have. At least that is something that their instinctive spiritual discernment abilities have led them to.
> But it is without joy for them because they perceive that their options are only either/or and don't know that they can still hold on to their intellectual truths and still be an intellectually fulfilled Christian at the same time. This is what we have to fix by presenting a gospel to them that is consistent with the truths that has already been revealed to them instead of at war with them.
> We need more like McGrath and Collins and miller who risk their repuatation and career to take a bold stand with their faith to help reach these disenfrancised intellectuals. And we need honest and smart evangelical churches where these new converts can find a spiritual home and where the dangers of strict concordant literalism is guarded against and repudiated.
> In short, it is coming down to TE'ers to save Christianity. I know this sounds delusional but I think an integrated science/faith worldview is going to be central to the next wave of Christian revival simply because that is the battleground that the enemy has chosen to discredit Christianity on and therefore the new standard that God is raising up. Once we cleanse the household of faith of all our spiritual pride and self-righteousness and idolatry, then we will be in a position to call out Dawkins on his own.
> I am optimistic to hear of new political leaders that claim Christian faith outside of the traditional confines of these backward beliefs.
> In order for us ever to be effective against Dawkins and his ilk, we are going to have to switch our game up on them a little bit. The status quo is too easy to discredit and dismiss. I pray with you that together we can help affect this much needed change.
> And happy holidays!
> Thanks
> John

Maybe this is an exaggeration, but I got the impression that you are
saying that the survival of Christianity depends on Christians
acknowledging the truth of whatever is generally accepted by scientists.
We on this list do have a real concern about the effect that acceptance of
bad science by many believers has in forming a stereotype that
nonbelievers have of Christianity, but I think this is far from being the
only front in our struggle with the world, and I wouldn't necessarily
elevate Dawkins to the top spot on Christianity's enemies list. The
Copernican revolution had a negative effect on the popular impression of
Christianity, but it didn't destroy Christianity or belief in the
inspiration and authority of the Bible.

Gordon Brown (ASA member)

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