Re: [asa] Anti-Creationism Lecture

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Mon Dec 15 2008 - 09:37:29 EST


I appreciate having this clarification.

I would not say myself that the virgin birth "explains" TE; I don't think
that "explains" is the verb that matches my viewpoint. I would say rather
that, having accepted the truth of the VB (and other miracles associated
with the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus), that my understanding of
evolution, above the level of science, is heavily informed by Christian
theism. At the level of the science itself, I accept the descriptions
provided by evolution, whether or not natural selection is the principle
driving force.

As for "miracles," to which I've already referred, the whole universe and
its history are in truth a gigantic miracle--something that would not be,
now or then, without divine action. As Calvin said, nature is a "perpetual
miracle," an ongoing source of wonder that points to the divine. Regarding
individual miracles, I am reluctant to affirm them apart from special
revelation, and I do not believe that the Bible teaches that the creation
was accomplished by "a series of trillions upon trillions of miracles." (If
you had said "millions," that would describe Hugh Ross' view, but not mine.)
 I'm an agnostic about that--I believe that Genesis is an ANE creation story
(in terms of literary genre), and therefore that the form of the story (six
days, various creatures being "created," "formed," and "made") is not the
message. I don't put more emphasis on "let the earth bring forth," either
(some like to see this as an endorsement of evolution); whatever the
specific language is, I don't believe that the story is intended to be an
accurate narrative of the order or details of natural history. Thus, if God
chose to create life or specific forms of life miraculously, that's up to
God and fine by me, but I don't believe it's taught in Genesis.


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