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David -

In order to give a really adequate "answer as to whether TE is based on miracles or whether it is not based on miracles" we'd need to define a) TE and b) miracle. As the term is used in practice, TE is a very broad category. "Miracle" really is too. The basic word means something that people marvel at, without any statement about its cause or causes. OTOH the classical Christian view (which I think too narrow) is that a miracle is a phenomenon which is beyond the capacities of creatures & is caused directly by God.

But if TE simply means belief that biological evolution has taken place & that God has been at work in the process then no, it is not based on miracles if "miracle" is defined in any reasonable way. OTOH it does not rule out miracles, even miracles that are involved in the development of life. E.g., a Roman Catholic who believes that life has generally developed through evolution in ways that science can understand, but that God specially "inserted" a rational soul" into the some hominids to create the first humans in a miraculous way would certainly be considered a theistic evolutionist.


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I'm trying to get an answer as to whether TE is based on miracles or whether it is not based on miracles. At first I thought the answer is that no it is not based on miracles. But then given what Ted said I changed my mind and concluded surely it must be based on miracles. Now I simply dont know. You seem to indicate the answer is no.

I said nothing whatsoever about anybody caving on anything.

The problem is, how do we know one thing involved supernatural intervention and another thing didnt?

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