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Date: Sun Dec 14 2008 - 23:45:17 EST

David O. asked:
Does anyone know about the Evangelical Presbyterian Church ("EPC") and
it's general posture towards faith-science questions?
The EPC is in most ways intermediate between the quite conservative PCA
(Presbyterian Church in America) and the "mainline" PCUSA (my own denomination,
which ranges over a wide gamut including some conservative enough that they
could easily fit in the EPC). For example, the PCA does not allow women in
church leadership (that and a strong commitment to inerrancy seem to be the 2
big issues that define them in contrast to the PCUSA), the PCUSA forbids
excluding women, and the EPC leaves that decision up to each local body (I heard a
few years ago that the number of women pastors in the entire EPC was 2; don't
know about the current number).
I think it would be characteristic of the EPC to consider God's manner of
creating a "nonessential" where there would be a fair amount of liberty. As a
fairly conservative evangelical group, I suspect the majority view would be
anti-evolution, but probably not as vehemently so as in some others. And the
sort of hardline Biblical literalism that poisons much science-faith
discussion would not be too prevalent.
Allan (ASA member)
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