Re: [asa] Anti-Creationism Lecture

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Sun Dec 14 2008 - 15:13:18 EST

I respond to David's comment below:

>>> "David Clounch" <> 12/14/08 1:23 PM >>>

Are you saying that TE explains the virgin birth and resurrection of Jesus

Thanks and Best Regards,
David Clounch



I don't think this is a well-formulated question. The issue you seem (to
me) to be getting at, is whether or not a Christian who believes in miracles
such as the virgin birth and the resurrection can consistently accept
evolution (including human evolution) within a single worldview. Is this
what you are getting at?

If so, then the answer is Yes, and there are numerous examples of this since
the 1950s. There were, interestingly, either zero or very few examples of
this in the 1920s, the last time the evolution issue was so hotly contested;
and the absence of such persons at that time, IMO as an historian, affected
adversely the options facing thoughtful Christians. They have more genuine
options now, I would say.

As formulated, your question seems to ask, if taken literally, whether
"evolution" can "explain" such unique historical events. I very much doubt
that it can, and I think that to ask whether it can is a bit puzzling. They
happened, and they shape the worldview within which I and many other
Christians understand evolution. In other words, it's the other way around,
reversing the order implicit in your question.

I hope this helps,


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