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Dear Gregory,


If evolution or evolutionary theory is science, in my conception of what science is, then Theistic Evolution (TE) is actually an oxymoron. Often proponents of evolutionary theory compare it to gravity or the theory of gravitation. Imagine then the use of the term Theistic Gravitation, which is nonsense. The term TE is equivocal as attested by the continuing discussion of what it truly means. Therefore, TE is a truly meaningless term just as grapenut, which is neither grape nor nut.




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Hi Moorad,
Well, not exactly. It is because there is a Christian denomination (or sect?) called 'Christian Science.' There is a Church of Christ, Scientist, for example. So, it seems the proper name, Christian Scientist is already taken and has a different meaning than 'scientist who is a Christian.' Isn't this why you capitalised the 'S' in the former?

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        Hello Gregory,
        This is very much the same as a "scientist who is a Christian"
        and a "Christian Scientist."


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