[asa] EIC (Evolutionary Informed Christian) ][ was Promise trumps biology (accepting biological evolution for Adam)

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Date: Sat Dec 13 2008 - 14:29:20 EST

Goerge Murphy wrote:
> 1) As I've tried to explain before, I don't consider the term "theistic
> evolutionist" a major issue. It certainly has its drawbacks. It implies
> that the person's major commitment is to "evolution" - i.e., he/she is an
> "evolutionist" - & that that commitment is then qualified as "theistic."
> But if one's "theism" is an expression of fundamental religious
> conviction, "ultimate concern," then things should be the other way
> around. In addition, then the label "theistic" is very general so the
> term TE conflates a huge number of very diverse positions, so that a
> Jewish process theologian & B.B. Warfield could be lumped together.
> (Actually the 2d problem is a consequence of the 1st. It doesn't really
> matter what kind of theist you are as long as you're an evolutionist.)
> But I'm not going to spend a lot of time & energy fighting that
> terminology. There are more important issues. I'll make the point that I
> did above & as long as the terminology doesn't distort conversations I'm
> involved in I'll leave it at that. "Evolutionary creationist" is in some
> ways better but still not ideal. "Christian who accepts biological
> evolution" as a description of my position is clumsy but about as good as

> 5) Yes, the reason for skepticism about origin from a single couple comes
> from science. But it's not a matter of me speaking as a scientist rather
> than as a theologian. This is, after all, not my area of scientific
> expertise. It is rather me as a theologian willing to be informed by
> science. But note, "be informed by" doesn't mean "be dictated to by."
> Shalom
> George

I suggest that the two points made by George are covered by my proposal
that we talk about EICs (Evolutionary Informed Christians)

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