Re: [asa] promise trumps biology (accepting biological evolution for Adam) - edit

From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Sat Dec 13 2008 - 10:30:20 EST

The following could have be written better as I don't mean to put words in George's mouth:
"To me, one God, creating a single person, then a partner, from which followed more people, then human beings spreading out over an inexact time scale doesn¢t seem an impossible scenario. It seems to me that in principle, according to a traditional theological perspective you agree. And it is the ¡science of the day¢ that is suggesting otherwise."
Let me note that the possibility of pre-Adamites and 'collaterals' need not be excluded from such a scenario. The point is simply to note that both of our respective speculations may be verified or supported by 'science,' e.g. the claim that the multi-regional model is dead in the Natural Geographic article. So it is interesting that George and I are both being careful not to leave open (bad) 'gaps,' just from different vantage points. __________________________________________________________________ Instant Messaging, free SMS, sharing photos and more... Try the new Yahoo! Canada Messenger at

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