Re: [asa] promise trumps biology (accepting biological evolution for Adam)

From: Michael McCray <>
Date: Fri Dec 12 2008 - 20:44:05 EST


I am acquainted with a book that deals with the subject matter of many of
the ASA discussions. It has been very helpful to me in "solving" the very
questions that you are so interested in. It is a book of religion,
philosophy and science, composed of many papers, written by multiple authors
in the 1930's and published by the Urantia Foundation in 1955 as The Urantia
Book. You can read it on line at

There are several papers on evolution, the evolution of man, the development
of primitive religion. George Murphy you might be interested in these, they
give examples of primitive cultures form the early twentieth century to
highlight milestones in primitive religions. They also show how primitive
religion and revelation have formed the amalgams of the modern religions in
our world today.

In the Urantia description there was a first pair of humans about one
million years ago. The mutations that brought about the six colored races
took place about five hundred thousand years ago. The Planetary Prince
arrived about the same time along with one hundred incarnated assistants.
When that Prince subsequently rebelled, his assistants who were unloyal to
the Father became mortal. This was the origin of the Nodites. Adam and Eve
were Material Sons sent as biologic uplifters when human evolution had
reached it peak. They were incarnated about 36,000 years ago. In all there
have been nine races of humans on our world; two of these have superhuman

I was introduced to the Urantia Book thirty years ago. It is the most
unusual book that I have ever read and I am convinced it is not the best
book of religious science fiction ever written but exactly what it claims to
be the fifth epochal revelation of God to the people of earth.

Michael McCray

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