Re: [asa] red in truth and claw?

From: John Walley <>
Date: Thu Dec 11 2008 - 19:56:55 EST


I appreciate what you are trying to do here and it may be effective in the church, but I don't think this would convince the more hardened or cynical. It seems you are just redefining evolution in an idealistic sense to focus only on adaptation leave out the unsavory parts like the competition.

For instance, to use your turtle analogy, yes it is beautiful that some with certain genes can find new island food better and blossom into a new species, but what if the new food they found were the eggs of other species of existing island turtles till it drove them into extinction? Is this still as beautiful? This is in reality how evolution often works.

This is why I say we have to have to face the ugly fact that life is a struggle and we all have to fight against nature to survive. Softening this for the more gullible is still a shallow victory.

Becoming a TE really drove this point home to me as it appears to be how God intended it all along. In contrast YEC implies that those competitive survival impulses are primitive and "unchristian", and it is easy to infer a passive spiritual worldview where we all ought to just love one another all the time. I think this is does a disservice to Christians as it is not consistent with the real world we have to live in.



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