Re: [asa] promise trumps biology

From: John Walley <>
Date: Thu Dec 11 2008 - 17:52:08 EST

Yes I think the Bible authors intended the known world of the day. But even that appears to be hyperbole. Excepting supernatural intervention, the flood had to be either one of quantum states, the inner shell of the Mesopotamian basin, or the next outer shell which would be the whole world. Bernie makes this clear with his bowl analogy. And Genesis states that the highest hill was covered so this implies the second state.

And clearly by the time Genesis was written the authors didn't consider only the Mesopotamian basin as the whole world. So we have an example of the Bible authors recording what had passed down for generations as factual truth but we now know it isn't. So now we are forced to accept a different interpretation of inspiration than trying to find a way to make it still factually true. That is what I meant by spin.

By dishonest I mean positions like RTB that concede a local flood but still insist on inerrancy even though Genesis clearly implies a global flood.



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> John Walley wrote:
> >
> > The problem is the Bible clearly teaches a global
> flood. It is dishonest to spin it otherwise. And the Bible
> writers likely believed that as well and intended the Bible
> to say that. So the only conclusion is that the Bible is
> wrong on at least that point. That doesn't undermine my
> faith nor should it anyone's but we have to accept this.
> >
> Help me understand this a bit better. Do you really mean
> "global?" The concept of a spherical earth
> wasn't in place yet, was it? Wouldn't the terms used
> be more a reflection of the cosmological understanding of
> the day? I'm not quite sure I follow your
> "clearly" or the "dishonest" or the
> "spin" part. Why wouldn't it be just as
> reasonable--or honest--to consider the terms as referring to
> the known world of that day?
> Randy
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