Re: [asa] red in truth and claw?

From: Jim Armstrong <>
Date: Thu Dec 11 2008 - 16:34:08 EST
I think that one of the central difficulties lies in the fact that we are understandably inclined to understand and define "good" in human terms. In that light, we are similarly disposed to classify pain and death (the immediate unpleasant implication of "red in tooth and claw") as "ungood" or even "evil". But that is, in short, presumptuous because we do not know what is "good" in the big picture to achieve the Creator's intent in the universe of which we are a part. So it would be appropriate to be slow to identify the "red in tooth and claw" aspect of Creation with an evil or corrupted world. Pain and death suffuse all of living creation so thoroughly and integrally that most of life could not exist without the fundamental dynamics that are the sources of pain and death. So,

I would be inclined to approach this by questioning the certainty of the common understanding of "red in tooth and claw", perhaps starting by simply asking how well we understand what is meant by "good" in Genesis 1. Is it "good" in human terms, or "good" in God terms? Are they for sure one and the same?

JimA [Friend of ASA]

 Indeed, we have glimpsesof

Dehler, Bernie wrote:

I’m going to be making a presentation to a mixed group of believers/non-believers.  I’m going to talk to them about how a Christian can accept evolution.  I know the question will come up “Isn’t evolution evil- full of pain and suffering- red in tooth and claw? Isn’t God evil if that was His design means?”


Just wondering how evolutionists on this discussion group might respond.


Personally, I’d go further.  Not only tooth and claw shaping creatures- but SCULPTURING creatures.  I’d say the most beautiful creatures were sculpted (metaphorically) by evolution through tooth and claw.

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