Re: [asa] promise trumps biology

From: Randy Isaac <>
Date: Thu Dec 11 2008 - 15:49:56 EST

John Walley wrote:
> The problem is the Bible clearly teaches a global flood. It is dishonest
> to spin it otherwise. And the Bible writers likely believed that as well
> and intended the Bible to say that. So the only conclusion is that the
> Bible is wrong on at least that point. That doesn't undermine my faith nor
> should it anyone's but we have to accept this.

Help me understand this a bit better. Do you really mean "global?" The
concept of a spherical earth wasn't in place yet, was it? Wouldn't the terms
used be more a reflection of the cosmological understanding of the day? I'm
not quite sure I follow your "clearly" or the "dishonest" or the "spin"
part. Why wouldn't it be just as reasonable--or honest--to consider the
terms as referring to the known world of that day?


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