[asa] Challenge to a Christian evolutionist

From: Vernon Jenkins <vernon.jenkins@virgin.net>
Date: Tue Dec 09 2008 - 16:40:58 EST

On further reflection I see your note of 11.11.08 http://www.calvin.edu/archive/asa/200811/0295.html conveys an unspoken acceptance of the truth and power of my thesis - and fears for the safety of yours! But, of course, you have an obvious way out of this dilemma: rather than being frog-marched by atheists into a continuing decimation of the Scriptures why not come up with a TE version of bird evolution which accomodates a biblical creation narrative augmented and _ratified_ by The Miracle?




PS I shall interpret a lack of response to this posting as tacit confirmation of the reality of the numerological miracle associated with the opening Hebrew words of the Scriptures and, in the face of that, of your inability to hold together the TE position. I suggest others do the same.


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