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From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Tue Dec 09 2008 - 00:48:14 EST

Hi George, you wrote:
>>& later in Genesis Joseph is married to an Egyptian, of the "cursed
line of Ham."<<
Well maybe, and maybe not. Although the Hebrew word for Egyptian is
"Mizraim" (Noah's grandson) it would not be possible for the entire
Egyptian population to have stemmed from him. Narmer was in power in
Egypt before Mizraim was born. Pyramids depicted four distinct races
living in Egypt and the great races were established long before Noah.
Excavations in Egypt have uncovered the remains of a variant race of
peoples who began moving in at the beginning of the dynastic period (ca.
2900 BC).
Quoting The Cambridge Ancient History, "Physically these peoples
differed unmistakably from the predynastic Egyptians: whereas the latter
were unusually small in stature and possessed long and narrow skulls
(about 132 mm. in breadth), the newcomers were more massively built and
their skulls (about 139 mm. in width) were appreciably broader than
those of their predecessors."
So whether that Egyptian woman was of Semitic (or Hamitic) origin will
forever be unknown.
Dick Fischer, GPA president
Genesis Proclaimed Association
"Finding Harmony in Bible, Science and History" <>

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