Re: [asa] Divine action and QM--a major ID supporter weighs in--for Timaeus

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Mon Dec 08 2008 - 09:58:58 EST

>>> "dawson wayne" <> 12/6/2008 10:36 AM >>> writes:

Probably the one place where everyone agrees is that we all would find it
reassuring to know the truth. If we have thought seriously about our
Christian faith at all, I'm sure most of us have struggled with some level
of doubt. Yet we are sufficiently persuaded somehow that Christ was
crucified, dead and buried and rose on the third day.


In response, I quote from an essay on Boyle that I wrote for "Science & Christian Belief" last fall:

[Boyle's] approach to doubt–the other side of the coin of faith–was frankly precocious. Not long after his twentieth birthday, in a notebook entitled ‘Diurnall Observations, Thoughts, & Collections’, Boyle recorded the following aphorism: ‘He whose Faith never Doubted, may justly doubt of his Faith.’ Immediately before this, he had written, ‘The Dialect of Faith runs much upon the First Person[;] or True Faith speakes always in the First Persen.’ Boyle understood both intuitively and cognitively a crucial fact about religious faith: it is a highly personal matter, and only those who take steps to examine their own beliefs can really lay claim to them and live accordingly.

My best to you, Wayne,


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