RE: [asa] $4 gas is here to stay

From: <>
Date: Fri Dec 05 2008 - 12:30:48 EST

Quoting John Walley <>:

> I was also really shocked at just how much impact demand could have
> on the price of gas or probably more accurately how much
> discretionary consumption there was in the global demand. If we could
> cut back this much and still get by then why didn't we do it before?
> Maybe we won't run out of oil as fast as we thought. There are a lot
> of silver linings here.

Yes, it does illustrate how much our consumption can be reduced with
just simple behavior changes. It also emphasizes the impact of
reducing personal energy consumption. If we make a priority of energy
conservation our national energy use can be significantly reduced. We
can do much, much better.

However, a drop in demand of only a few percentage points will not
significantly extend the lifetime of our petroleum society. I hope the
current price decline will not reduce the urgency for us to pursue
laying the foundation for a post-petroleum economy.


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