RE: [asa] $4 gas is here to stay

From: gordon brown <Gordon.Brown@Colorado.EDU>
Date: Fri Dec 05 2008 - 00:16:42 EST

On Wed, 4 Jun 2008, Glenn Morton wrote:

> So, to answer the question of this thread, no, $4 gasoline is not here to
> stay. It will be recalled fondly next year and the year after as evidence of
> how good we had it way back then. Remember, it was only last September that
> oil prices were around $70/bbl.

As I was deleting old e-mails, this one caught my attention. Glenn is the
expert whom I trust for information on oil supply, and I know that in the
long run he will be proven right, but neither he nor the rest of us
foresaw the decline in demand that has occurred in the last few weeks.
This reminds us that sometimes events happen that none of us expected.

Gordon Brown (ASA member)

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