Re: [asa] Why it's not as simple as God vs the multiverse

From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Thu Dec 04 2008 - 13:05:16 EST

Hi all,

The below is a pretty rough presentation of Alvin Plantinga's argument for the existence of God given a multiverse. It essentially takes the argument "evolution is very unlikely BUT given an infinite number of universes..." sort of argument and applies to to the idea that God's existence if very unlikely (BUT given an infinite number of universes...!). It's not a "knock down" argument - but it does evidence that it is indeed NOT as simple as "God vs the multiverse".

The atheist has one of two choices (note that 1. is implicitly accepted by any person who seeks to avoid it by arguing for 2.);

1. There is one fine-tuned universe in which God probably exists


2. There are an infinity of universes in which fine-tuning exists therefore evolution in some universe is inevitable.

HOWEVER one can then construct the following argument;

On the Christian view of God;

3. If God exists in some universe like ours, he exists in every universe like ours

What is conceded by the atheist;

4. The probability of God's existence in any universe like ours is vanishingly small

5. There are an infinite number of universes like ours

But a vanishingly small probability tends to unity over an infinite number of instances, therefore from 4 and 5.

6. God exists in some universe like ours.

Therefore, from 3;

7. God exists in every universe like ours.


8. God exists in our universe.

The bottom line: Atheists would be better accepting fine tuning and seeing it as simply "one of those things" rather than trying to argue that the probabilistic difficulties of evolution are overcome by positing a multiverse.


Jack wrote:
> My concern about such a dichotomy isnt so much that there could be a
> third alternative, but that it is assumed that the two possibilites
> given are mutually exclusive. If the multiverse is true, does that
> prove that God does not exist?

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