Re: [asa] ESA: Wilkins Ice Shelf under threat

From: John Burgeson (ASA member) <>
Date: Thu Dec 04 2008 - 10:03:48 EST

On 12/3/08, Merv <> wrote:

> Really? Rush Limbaugh, a Luddite? I don't listen to him, but from
> what I hear about him, I imagined he and I would have almost nothing in
> common. Yet I consider myself to have Luddite sympathies (I know --an
> astounding admission for a math/science teacher and computer
> technician.) But mine is more of a reaction against a cultural
> enthusiam to chase after every new mass produced gadget, functionally
> worshipping science and technology as our twin saviors, and muttering
> axiomatic phrases about "progress" and "inevitability" as if these were
> somehow relevant to the basic question. Maybe I need to re-acquaint
> myself with the common usage of "Luddite".

I would hardly call the above description (of you) as "Luddite." If it
is -- I qualify too! <G>

I attach the term to Limbaugh because of his stance on GW. Because he
is convinced (or so he says) that it is "an evil liberal plot," he can
attack it with no regard for facts. I have heard him do this several


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