Re: [asa] ESA: Wilkins Ice Shelf under threat

From: Merv <>
Date: Wed Dec 03 2008 - 20:33:02 EST

John Burgeson (ASA member) wrote:
> Where you live you probably don't hear Rush Limbaugh or Shawn Hannity.
> I listen to these Luddites on Tuesdays when I drive to/from the food
> pantry where I volunteer.
Really? Rush Limbaugh, a Luddite? I don't listen to him, but from
what I hear about him, I imagined he and I would have almost nothing in
common. Yet I consider myself to have Luddite sympathies (I know --an
astounding admission for a math/science teacher and computer
technician.) But mine is more of a reaction against a cultural
enthusiam to chase after every new mass produced gadget, functionally
worshipping science and technology as our twin saviors, and muttering
axiomatic phrases about "progress" and "inevitability" as if these were
somehow relevant to the basic question. Maybe I need to re-acquaint
myself with the common usage of "Luddite".

By the way, in a former post on this thread, Rich chastises someone else
for quoting popular media while he was quoting the European Space
Agency. And yet I would still be interested in the answer that was
apparently too obvious to bother repeating there. Rich asked "what
record ice gain?" So was the alleged challenge just flatly wrong? Is
there no ice-gain anywhere in Antarctica? I ask because often such
objections have a grain of truth in them that is then pressed into
service for much larger claims. If this one was just a flat-out media
lie that had no conceivable twist of truth in it, then that does speak
to the desperation of the opposition. But if there is some truth, it
needs to be acknowledged and good answers given. Sorry if this was
already answered in the bushels of posts and I missed it.


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