Re: [asa] ESA: Wilkins Ice Shelf under threat

From: Rich Blinne <>
Date: Wed Dec 03 2008 - 09:52:51 EST

On Dec 2, 2008, at 11:36 PM, Lynn Walker wrote:

> John Burgeson: "But whether the IPCC is right -- or not -- we still
> have an energy "situation" to challenge us."
> Exactly.
> Cooling Down
> IBD Tuesday, December 02, 2008
> Climate Change: Policymakers and other busybodies trying to save the
> planet will one day learn that, despite all the hype about global
> warming, most people are focused on issues that for them are more
> meaningful.
> During economic boom times, developed and developing nations have
> the luxury to indulge in meaningless gestures, such as the trendy
> campaign to beat global warming.
> But when the economy slows and energy costs increase, the people in
> those nations become a bit more focused and find that environmental
> issues might not be as important as they thought. This evolution of
> thought can be tracked by looking at how the public regards global
> warming now compared with last year.

Our current economic and environmental crisis has the same roots,
extreme economic libertarianism. All the information "sources", e.g.
Heartland Foundation, Marshall Institute, Hoover Institute, IBD, Wall
Street Journal, Daily Telegraph, and Rush, push this don't regulate
ever, no way, no now, agenda. They did this for the link between
cigarettes and cancer. Don't worry it's just media hype. Acid rain,
ditto because cap and trade couldn't possibly solve the problem (it
did). The ozone hole and the Montreal Convention, ditto. They opposed
CAFE standards for automobiles resulting in the destruction of the
American auto industry. They pushed the Gram Leach Bliley Act and the
Commodity Futures Modernization Act, because we needed to deregulate
the financial industry. Results: the Second Great Depression. Next up,
destroy the planet. The temerity that we should not solve this problem
because of another problem that their economic theory caused frosts
me. Ironically intelligent regulation is good for business. Xcel
Energy opposed a citizen's initiative in Colorado to require
alternative energy in our electrical production. Once it passed they
came back to the legislature and asked them to double the targets!
When are we going to stop listening to these guys?

Rich Blinne
Member ASA

P.S. I recommend "A Very Short Introduction to the Great Depression
and the New Deal". The parallels concerning this radical deregulation
and the resulting economic carnage is scary. It's interesting all
these op-eds act as if their side won. Oh well, the adults are in
charge now. Not only must we solve these problems simultaneously, we
can. Note to Don: one thing I noticed while listening to the President-
elect's stump speech when he was at CSU is how popular his call for
sacrifice is, particularly amongst young people.

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