Re: [asa] The theist challenge

From: Michael McCray <>
Date: Tue Dec 02 2008 - 05:47:38 EST

I am not closed minded but there is nothing that could happen to me, my
loved ones, the world, the universe that could convince me there was no God.
Some years ago I tried to live a week as an atheist. I made it about thirty
six hours. I could not do it. The whole time I felt that I was being
disloyal to the most real part of me. I know God is real in my personal
experience though there are those who would discount this and say I am
deluded, hallucinating, or epileptic. It is only through the personal
experiences of those individuals who know God that the proof of the reality
of God can be offered. This is so despite the fact that if God were to
somehow abandon his place in the universe, the universe would immediately
sees to exist.

Jesus offered three commandments: "Love your God with all your heart, your
mind and your soul and love your neighbor as yourself." "Love one another as
I have loved you." By accepting God as your heavenly Father, you become a
faith son or daughter of that same Universal Father. If we recognize the
human/divine Jesus as the epitome of love, goodness, and mercy and he has
said that no Son can be more than his Father, than how much more can an
infinite and absolute Father demonstrate love, goodness, and mercy to his
children. For those who have truely accepted God as their Father there is no
reason for them to fear him because he is a truely loving, good and merciful

In my personal experience the more that I have loved the Father, the better
I've come to know him. And it is this personal relationship that I have with
a personal God, my heavenly Father, that I will not give up even if
everything else goes away.
Michael McCray

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