[asa] Website moving

From: <SteamDoc@aol.com>
Date: Thu Oct 30 2008 - 23:02:19 EDT

I know a few of you on this list have links to or otherwise have used things
from my website, which for the next day or so is still hosted on
It appears that AOL is shutting down their web hosting (not that they
bothered to notify their customers!) as of October 31, so I had to move things
elsewhere in somewhat of a hurry.
The new website is:
_http://steamdoc.s5.com_ (http://steamdoc.s5.com)
and my course on "Science and Nature in Christian Perspective" can be found
In general, if you have a link to the old website, you *should* be able to
update it by replacing all occurrences of "members.aol.com/steamdoc" with
Since I had now much time to accomplish this, if anybody finds broken links,
etc., I'd appreciate a heads-up.
Dr. Allan H. Harvey, Boulder, Colorado | SteamDoc@aol.com
"Any opinions expressed here are mine, and should not be
attributed to my employer, my wife, or my cat"
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