Re: [asa] Does science negate the need for God?

From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Thu Oct 30 2008 - 22:37:20 EDT

Hi Bernie,

You wrote:
> What did you think about my saying we only know about 1% of science? I
> never heard anyone else say that.

Nick Saunders of Cambridge mentions the point in passing in an online lecture "Divine Action in Modern Science" a recording of which can be found at the Faraday Institute;

At about 2 minutes into the lecture he states;

"...there are of course limits to what we can know about the nature of divine action as human beings. We have a very limited perspective on God's transcendence, we know very little about science in the grand scheme of things..."

I don't recall if he makes much of the point subsequently in that lecture OR if he develops the idea elsewhere - although the lecture mentions his book "Divine Action and Modern Science" ( and he might discuss the issue there.

You might like to keep in mind that some YECs often argue that the acceptance of Darwinism is grounded in ignorance;

Advances in the realm of science also reveal the true face of outdated theories such as Darwinism, long regarded as valid because of the scientific ignorance that once prevailed.

Need I add that I am not advocating such a position, merely pointing out that some YECs argue thus? I mention it only so as you can avoid the potential danger of guilt by association.


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