Re: [asa] Advice for conversing with YECs (Cheek turning)

From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Thu Oct 30 2008 - 17:40:32 EDT

Re: [asa] Advice for conversing with YECs (Cheek turning)One of my perverse hobbies is to find mistakes on the British Ordnance Survey maps , there are always some, but any mapmaker does that as I know.

On plagiarism a prof friend of mine marks an essay if he suspects and it invariably gets a mark of 61( British system 40 pass 50 fair pass 60 good 70 very good and above 80 is very rare. He once told us never to give more than 80 and then I had a project on Polkinghorne which I gave 85 which was upheld by the second marker). You get a nose for plagiarism

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  I've heard that map-makers put in small, fake roads or other slight errors in order to catch plagiarizers.

  In my time as a prof I have caught students with this- plagiarized errors in copied text. Pretty much proves that they didn't both write it from scratch.



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