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> Moorad:
> "How are we to understand the biblical notion that the Creator sustains
> the creation?"
> I also wonder about this. I think God sustains in the sense that if God
> died... everything would go with Him.
> Some take the idea of "God as sustainer" to mean that he holds particles
> together (electrons and planets in orbit)- in that case I think the theory
> of God doing this has been replaced by the strong and weak nuclear force,
> gravity, and electromagnetic force.

& the way God holds them together is by cooperating with those interactions.

I dealt with this in an article on divine and created energies (in technical
senses) in an article in Zygon which unfortunately isn't freely available
online -
"Energy and the Generation of the World" (Zygon 29, 259, 1994). There's a
brief summary in the book chapter that I mentioned.


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